All Regional Representatives are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association by ballot of the voting members of each region. Each representative serves for two years or until their successors are elected. Representatives representing the odd-numbered regions shall be elected in the odd-numbered years, and those representing even-numbered regions shall be elected in even-numbered years. Regions are designated by the following Synod boundaries: 
  1. Northwest: Alaska-Northwest, Pacific, Rocky Mountains            
    Representative: Paul Belz-Templeman - Synod of the Pacific, Presbytery of the Cascades
  2. Southwest: Southern California and Hawaii, and Southwest                
    Representative: Diane Frasher - Synod of Southern California and Hawaii, Presbytery of Riverside
  3. Northcentral: Covenant, Lakes and Prairies, and Lincoln Trails           
    Representative: Rebecca Blair- Synod of Lakes and Prairies; Presbytery of East Iowa
  4. Southcentral: Mid-America, and Sun                                                
    Representative: Lynn Hargrove - Synod of the Sun, Presbytery of New Covenant 
  5. Northeast: Boriquen en Puerto Rico, and Northeast                           
    Representative: Pieter Visscher- Synod of the Northeast; Presbytery of Northern New York 
  6. Eastcentral: Mid-Atlantic, and Trinity                                                
    Representative: Tamara Williams- Synod of Mid-Atlantic, Presbytery of Charlotte
  7. SoutheastLiving Waters, and South Atlantic                                    
    Representative: Alexandra Hedrick- Synod of South Atlantic; Presbytery of St. Augustine